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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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you might think he was being used. a lethal weapon shipped to his address and mint error error for someone else. someone to get the box before he did. the documents inside the box tell another story and it appears what happened here was an innocent much, yet astounding -- an innocent, yet astounding mistake. he knew there was something not quite right. the box in the hallway didn't look big enough to hold a tv he ordered. confused, he called out to the delivery man. >> and down. is this the only box? that is it. i need the box. how is that? >> -- inside and discovered that. >> reporter: the paperwork inside said the six-hour 308 was a price tag over $1,500 that was supposed to be shipped to the independence gun shot in duncansville, pennsylvania. the seller, the florida gun exchange in orangeond beach. -- ormond beach. there was a document showing him as a federally armed --
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federally -- arms dealer. >> it was absurd to think that that could be left out in the hallway, first of all, and that this kind of mix-up could happen. >> reporter: after calling the police, the responding officers confiscated the weapon and confirmed it was illegal in the distribute of columbia. the mystery remains. why was it sent to horvitz and is it legal to ship a gun like this? >> not many restrictions. you can't ship a handgun through the postal service but you can ship it by any other common carrier. rifles and shotguns, even assault rifles can be shipped through anyone. >> reporter: this was suppose go from licensed dealer to licensed dealer. how did it end up in washington, d.c.? according to the florida gun exchange, the rifle was shipped properly, according to law with the correct address on the box. in transit, they believe that the label with his address came off of the box with the television and was attached to the box with the gun. >> whoever made the mistake, it's serious. i think it should be followed
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up. >> the florida gun exchange said it's looking to u.p.s. now for answers. >> and if the florida gun exchange is correct, they have a label containing the television. a spokesman said that it's been in touch with d.c. police and cooperating. the police report said that the rifeel is confiscated for, quote, safe keeping and we should add that the initial order was placed to a third party through brian? >> was the correct address for the pennsylvania gun store on the box? >> that is why it makes sense, brian. i did talk with seth horvitz about this. there was an address under the label for his address there in northeast. when you take that label off, can you see another address for that gun store in pennsylvania. and that does make sense. it's astounding -- astounding, though, this could happen. most americans support
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lenient gun laws. when a nationwide ban on high- powered rifles and manage zones. the new poll finds people in states with gun massacres are the most adamant about enforcing the laws. 48% in colorado, 43% in virginia and wisconsin think the nation's gun laws should be stricter. less than 10% in each state think the laws should be made less strict and in gun-owning households, 6 in 10 think it should be the same. >> and today, a new ending. they took down the gunman and with that single shot to the. is the he finished with a self- inflicted gun shot to the head and investigators said the police, at least the arrest of page's ex-girlfriend misty cook, was not related to the mass shooting. >> the fbi accompanied by the south milwaukee police department interviewed her at
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her residence. she was cooperative. the police officers while there observed a weapon and arrested her for felon in possession at that time. >> and good news about lieutenant brian murphy. the first officer on the scene shot eight or nine times. the doctors say he was sitting up and walking in his hospital room yesterday. and following exclusive. a southern maryland summer camp may have been dangerous for kids. tonight, an exclusive interview with an employee who saw children being hit by adults. beth parker is working the story. >> reporter: that one parent told fox 5 her child said he was woken up in the middle of the night and punched. not by another camper, but by a counselor. >> a very hostile environment somewhere that children may not want to be in. >> reporter: that is how a former employee of the boys and girls club of greater washington describes camp ground. it's a place in saint maries county, maryland, where d.c.
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area kids are supposed to be able to get away. instead, a former employee who asked us to disguise his voice, said there was swearing, yelling, and hitting. >> the camp -- very upset and would go to different counselors and to tree and voice their opinion. >> reporter: and last week, they returned one day early. it describes, quote, inappropriate fight club-type activities instigated by staff and involving children. >> with respect towards the camp every, using foul -- campers, using foul language. also, physical abuse. >> reporter: a spokesman for the boys and girls club said they are, quote, focusing on the well-being of the youth and families that may have been impacted. >> reporter: there are no accusations against any police officers. we can tell you that at least one camp counselor has been fired.
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in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. we're following breaking news out of prince georges county. police fire and e.m.s. crews are on the scene of a major fire in carington court in chapel oaks. bob barnard is live outside of the duplex. tell us. >> here because it was a teenager and an adolescent. a preteen who were both pulled from the fire and they were unconscious. they had no pulse and they have been taken to prince georges hospital center and we're hoping that they pull through. behind me here, you can seat duplex and the fire downstairs there and that first floor upstairs and she in critical condition and a woman shaken up by what happened here was taken to prince georges hospital center. she's going to be okay. the most concern is for the two youngsters who were in leer. i believe we have a photograph
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that we can show you of what this looked like when this was engulf oned in flames. this was at around 4:30 this afternoon. and it took the fire crews here about 30 minutes to put this out and, in that process, in the middle of that, made the rescues. joining me now silent prince georges county fire chief, mark, what can you tell me. any idea how this started and how the yotwo young people are doing? >> they inside now and we have him combing every inch of the building and we're going to leave no stone unturned. it's too early to determine. when the two left here, cpr was in progress and that is the last information we have and the best information i can give you. >> they burned and some suffering from inhaling smoke? >> i was here when they were pulled out and both of them were burned and had obvious smoke injuries. they're in critical condition. >> how did you get the call? had neighbors seen what was going on? this is around 4:30 this afternoon. >> right and we were just that,
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the communications and they received several 911 calls for multiple addresses. >> and thank you very much. appreciate it. the prince georges county fire chief. we want to show you, that is where the work is being done now by fire investigators. the fire is out and it may have a very sad ending. we'll keep you posted, brian. a news alert out of the district where police say a tourist was robbed by a group of teens for an ipad. the incident happened this afternoon at seventh and jefferson on the mall. three teens tried to distract the tourists and one of the suspects swiped the ipad. all three fled on foot. he quickly arrested two of the three. the news edge on maryland. the general assembly back in annapolis tomorrow for a special session about gambling in the state. he hopes legislator will approve his proposals. >> and that will mean additional dollars for state schools and that come to
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maryland taxpayers from gaming. >> it would allow a sixth casino to be built in prince georges county and allow table games at all of the state's gambling sites. we'll continue covering the special session on the air and online. log on to for the latest. straight ahead on the news edge, the dramatic impact of antismoking ads. a couple of sperm ons -- severe thunderstorms pond up. we'll look at sentinel radar and show where you they are and where they are going. lindsay. gary, coming up in sports, the skins linebacker ryan kerrigan is his own one of the critic and did you see the shark attack in houston last night? roger bernadina with the catch of a lifetime. sports is coming up as the news edge at 6 continues. 
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. the graphic antismoking ads appear to be working. >> i used to be a smoker.
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i want to give you something about getting ready in the morning. [ indiscernible ] >> disturbing ads like that one ran for 12 weeks in the spring in early summer. the $54 million campaign showed real people talking about how smoke caused their paralysis, lung removal andasmitations. the cdc estimates the adsgen it 189,000 extra calls to the toll free quit line and therier mar than 417,000 visitors to the place. the lives of two u.s. servicemen missing in action were honored today. friends and family finally buried the remains of air force lieutenant colonel charles walling of arizona and major commandant of new jersey. the department of defense said they were flying an f-4 phantom when they crashed over vietnam
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in 1966. the i.d. tag of rawlings was found 99 in 1984 and that were buried on the 46th anniversary of the crash that took their lives. coming up on the news edge. >> getting up felt surreal. >> maryland's golden girl storms by the studio to talk about winning gold at the summer olympics.  [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . a traffic alert for hundreds of drivers across the woodrow wilson bridge. there is growing concern that grout used might be contaminated. the federal highway administration warned 21 states, including maryland that grout may -- grouse may have an excessive level of chloride that is known to accelerate
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rusting. right now, there is no imminent danger to drivers. >> and the wilson bridge is 100% safe. and part of our normal inspection, it's not an issue now and may never be an issue. oust caution, we're going to look at this as part of our inspection. >> the state highway administration is halfway through a routine four-month inspection of each span of the 12-lane bridge. they're checking for track cracks, discoloration or unusual wear. maryland and virginia both own the $2.4 billion bridge. one of the region's most convested -- congested roadways about to get worse. the maryland state highway administration is concerned the new beltway express lanes may cause a bottleneck at the american legion bridge. soon, 12 lanes of the traffic there will be forced to merge into 10 lanes on the bridge. transportation officials are conducting a traffic studdie to help determine how to deal with the problem. won't be complete until the end of the year. an out-of-this-world experience-for-a california
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boy. he has his name on a rover. his name is soaring beyond earth. >> and that is cool. >> now your name is on the rover mars. >> and since you're cossity -- curiosity officerrer is exploring mars, hinding for signs of life on the planet. -- hunting for signs of life on the planet. >> when the aliens come, we know what is going on. >> let's find them. >> that's right. >> google his address, please. >> that's right. >> showers and thunderstorms out there. they popped up and seems some are weakening here and mostly cloudy in town. at -- watch out. i think the next few hours or so, we'll have a chance of some of these showers or thunderstorms popping up. not here in the city right now, but that does not mean one won't pop up. they just to the west of us. can you see here in northwestern section of montgomery county and this is the strongest storm. i think it's probably, at least for now, reached its peak and
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that got up and it was fairly strong and now it does appear to be weakening, not quite as much lightning coming out of the storm and that is with an updaft now. it seems to be a little bit detached and higher up into the sky, leading me to believe that this is going to collapse on its pretty soon. most of the showers and thunderstorms don't have a separate updraft and down draft. as it rains, it kind of rains itself out and that is taking care of the updraft on its own and weakens and dissipates. another one here, this is dulles. can you see dulles on the imagery and that is to the northwest of dulles, a shower and thunderstorm to chantilly and restin and there is some lightning there and this is south of 66 between gainesville and monasses for a while now and barely moving. any of the storms are kind of growing up and staying in the same spot, basically, and draining themselves out. the potential is there for heavy rain and some lightning in this as well and this is
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right along 66 and just south of 66 and watch the history here as we go back one hour in time. can you see not a lot of movement but growing up and maybe in one direction and that is all the we're seeing. the spotty&shower and thunderstorm, a few clouds at 9 and at 11. the temperatures basically getting into the lower 80s and upper 70s. 9091 for reagan national -- 91 for reagan national; 89 for dulles and bwi. warmer out there tomorrow and we're down to 87 now and winds up a little out of the south at 12 miles per hour. and just about everybody is coming in in the 80s. dulles, cooler. monasses, 84 and the storm in the area there, cloud cloudy conditions in fredericksburg and keeping them in the lower 80s. the front to the north of us, this is going to be the front that comes through this weekend.
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of course, it's going to be real slow to move. it's kind of hung up stationary to the north and west of us and that won't come through until friday night and saturday. and ahead of that front, we're in for some good rain, it looks like, on friday. mild overnight, again in the 70s and have to go to interstate 81 and those extreme western suburbs to find temperatures tonight. drop into this upper 60s and tomorrow, hot and muggy again. with some thunderstorms late in the afternoon. and that is like today with the mixture of clouds and sun and that will stay humid and have thunderstorms late in the afternoon. and that is in town in terms of what is going on. the five-day forecast and that is looks like pretty good amounts of rain on friday. ninety degrees. saturday, 83; sunday, 86 and on to monday, 88 degrees. once we get the front through here, looks like the latter part of the weekend is going to be real, real nice.
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a gold medal winning swimmer is back home in bethesda. katie ledecki won the gold, the youngest member of the u.s. olympic team in london. earlier on fox 5 morning news, we had the pleasure of talking with the 15-year-old. >> it was very surreal. and it's starting to sink in slowly, but i am sure it will take a full year, probably, to -- . >> wow. >> i didn't feel too much pressure. i was having a blast. >> great. >> and this is all the athletes and usa team and eating in the cafeteria with the other athletes was fun. >> and she's the second youngest olympic swimming medalist in u.s. history. and in sports, skins over 24 hours away from the first preseason game. hoping to build on a big rookie year. more after the break. over ththe next four months, you have a choice to make.
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not just between two political parties, or even two people.
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it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the middle class. asking the wealthy to pay a little more so we can pay down our debt in a balanced way. so that we can afford to invest in education, manufacturing, and home-grown american energy for good middle class jobs. sometimes politics can seem very small. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. ♪ i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. hello, everybody. 11 practices are in the books for the redskins. the team boarded a play to get the preseason started. tomorrow night's game kicks off at 7:00 p.m. and they're not all that exciting. this year, it feels different with rg3 in the mix. griffin and the starters will go between 12 and 20 plays and could equal one long drive or a handful of series. garcone and morgan, both free agents signed in march. the front seven returned for a second straight season and headlined by kerrigan, iraqpo and fletcher. the preseason is a must. >> and this is different for everyone to get loose and into that rhythm. the young guy to prove themselves and to get ripped out of a new position and to be
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well. it depends on who you are and how you fit in and what you trying to get out of the special season. >> the redskins return the linebackers from last year. ryan kerrigan started 16 games of the rookie season, finishing with 7 1/2 sacks and the redskins rookie record, four- force stumble, four passes defense, and one inner is tension for a touchdown and did not miss a single snap. kerrigan will tell you it was not that pretty. >> man, watching from last year, it's like yikes, so many plays now, i so, and that makes me like why did i not do that then. i know my assignments this year and my defense. we all collectively are more experienced and that made for a smoother transition than last year. >> and he's pretty tough on hill. sharks are predators and roam the oceans and hunt for play. roger bernar deana nicknamed shark does the same thing in
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the outfield and his prey looking for the base hit. the nationals were in the sticky situation, leading by one and with two men on base for the astros. houston, you have a problem. bottom of the 12th inning, in houston, the nats with a 3-2 lead and wallace, hit and into the center fold and look at bernadina and that ends it and that ends the game for the nats and that is one of the best you will see. tyler picks up the 23rd save. the nats win it 3-2 and hold a four-game lead over the braves in the nl east. the nationals remain the best team in baseball, a 67-43 roar. the orioles won 8-7, over the mariners and that game is 14 innings, brian. nings, brian.
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. >> there is -- totally, talking about new words added to the oxford english diggary. obs, the abrasion of obviously and evs for whatever. muffin top, eye rolling and onesy. one of the three gary was doing now? you know what it was. this is a look at the radar and chasing the thunderstorm. it's progressed to the otherno and some lightning and thunder in the storm as l. the five-day forecast, quickly, warmer tomorrow and with some thunderstorms the next few days, cooler for the weekend, sir. >> you have the news edge. back here at 10.
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i got the chance to start my y own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.


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